4 Key Metrics to Review for Content Marketing Success

Posted by - Bess Obarotimi

What do companies who experience great Content Marketing success do? They check the metrics, all the time. Don’t check the metrics and you run the risk of applying half-hearted strategies followed by equally languid results.

Review the metrics. If you have strategies which work towards achieving higher conversions, increased social sharing, longer website page views and more page views, you need to understand what is or isn’t making them work. Else, you’re pretty much like a hamster on one of those exercise wheels.

Be in a good position to create winning strategies. Not doing business off the top of your head.

So, which key metrics do companies need to look at to provide the answers? I’m saying these four:


1. Page Views
2. On-Page View time
3. Conversions and
4. Social Sharing.

Below I will explain why.

Turn to your Google Analytics to easily glean page views and on-page view time metrics from your website. Knowing how much time visitors are staying on your site and why, indicates what content is more appealing to them. Let’s say perhaps you sell advertising on your site, you’ll want visitors on your site for longer.  Longer time spent on your site, usually equates to your ads being seen more frequently. Good news for you and your advertisers.

Page views and on-page view time metrics prove extremely useful for companies who use content to attract new customers, community building, brand building and development. Imagine if through Google Analytics you discover a piece of content is attracting a huge nunber of traffic. Think what you can do with that content. You can rehash it into more content, such as detailed articles, eBooks, YouTube videos – anything you can imagine.

Your conversion data, will reveal whether certain content is translating into more downloads of eBooks, newsletter sign ups, discounts, vouchers, product sales etc.

Social sharing becomes important to companies concerned with whether consumers are interested enough to tell their friends about the brand. More than likes, as marketers our interest is the virality of our content. Some content needs do the rounds as it gives us social proof that our brand is relevant. You can use apps like Facebook  Analytics, Twitter Analytics or Hootsuite or SproutSocial to check how well you’re doing. They are some of my favourite apps.

4 Key Metrics to Review for Content Marketing Success

One metric may be more useful than another, depending on your end goal but you need the metrics to determine the effectiveness of your Content Marketing efforts.

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