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3 LinkedIn Posts That Get High Engagement

Posted by - Bess Obarotimi

Truth be told, I’ve not always been a huge LinkedIn fan. I’ve had this aversion to coming off overly stuffy because it’s such a professional platform and I feel you always have to be suited and booted. As much as I’ve always wanted to use this platform heavily, I always think twice about what and whether I should post.

On the other hand, I have also been the type of person that would frown, yes I admit it, at LinkedIn users who felt it ok to share random, unprofessional status updates on LinkedIn. Fortunately, things are beginning to change on this platform and people like me and those ‘random, post what interests me’ LinkedIn users will really like it.

More recently LinkedIn is being referred to as the new Facebook. I can’t believe it, but I think it’s a move in the right direction. Finally we get to loosen our ties.

So what’s happening. Well firstly, LinkedIn articles are no longer considered the best tool for getting visibility. Personally, I’m not ruling them out as effective when establishing an authoritative voice, it’s just other methods will now garner as much, if not more, engagement these days.  For example, you’re no longer required to just talk shop. You can get personal and be casual if you like.

Images are no longer a necessity for capturing attention. Text style updates are winning. Selfies, would you believe, are becoming popular.  And, starting interesting conversations is common place. The LinkedIn veterans aren’t altogether happy. But it’s happening anyway.

In this post, let me share with you what’s working amazingly well for me and also what’s been working fantastic for others.

Native Videos

I’m a YouTuber. I find creating videos my favourite type of content. Previously, I’d share my YouTube videos to LinkedIn. When I learnt of the new changes, I decided to upload my videos directly. See this one here. The result? I get more views, more comments, more likes, more shares and more people wanting to connect with me. So I’m a happy bunny.  Videos are THE content marketing strategy in 2017 for me. So, to see them doing to so well in this last quarter on LinkedIn is pretty exciting.

3 LinkedIn Posts That Get High Engagement
A video I recently posted received over 500 views.

73% of marketers planned to increase their usage of video in 2017

Social Media Examiner

Status Updates

Quickly going into obilivion are status updates that merely demonstrate how fantastic you are at your job or knowledgeable you are in your subject matter. What’s occuring now is, you can go on LinkedIn and ask random stuff. Like, “What did you watch on TV last night?” Yes, seriously. It is now ok to ask this.

Ok, so you’re going to have to test stuff out and you are going to have to stay true to your target audience and brand.  But, I’m telling you on LinkedIn you’re going to get great engagment by treating it almost like your personal Facebook page without the cat videos. Think more about creating value and establishing common interests between you and your target audience.


Now storytelling is a type of status update that if you are a regular LinkedIn user or “lurker”, like I was, you’ll have seen a lot more of recently. LinkedIn users are sharing real life scenarios to start the conversation. They’ll outline the challenges they’ve faced, the solutions, share some real “a ha” moments and and ask for your opinions.

3 LinkedIn Posts That Get High Engagement

There’s a good reason why storytelling is becoming popular. It’s interesting and relatable. Share your stories and your comments and the reach to people outside your network will increase. It’s a great, covert way to showcase your talents.

Now, the usual social media rules still apply. Be sure to respond to comments left on your statuses. Seek out other professionals and leave comments on their statuses.  Get even more visibility by persuading your friends to leave comments on your statuses. And, you will really see your influence increase.

One thing I would like to see on the platform, is it becoming more acceptable to promote yourself. I believe self promotion type updates, books, events, products promos aren’t always tolerated. LinkedIn is still seen very much all about relationship building. Used with caution and finesse, I’d like to see promoting become much more the norm.

Share your comments on how you have seen things change on LinkedIn, what do you see happening in the future or how have you been using this platform? Do you regularly self promote? How do you feel about that?

Also, let’s connect on LinkedIn over here. Send me a message and share your thoughts on this article.

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