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Personal Branding With Content Marketing
Posted by | 03 06 2018
What the Smith’s Teach Us about Personal Branding With Content Marketing

Do you want to have a personal brand? The answer will most definitely be "Yes!" if you want your business to succeed. Develop your Personal Brand with Content Marketing.

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personal branding and content marketing
Posted by | 29 05 2018
How to build a personal brand through the power of Content Marketing

In this article, we talk about how you can use branding and content marketing to build a powerful and profitable business

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questions for your content marketing plan
Posted by | 15 05 2018
10 Questions for Content Marketing Plans You Need to Ask

I want you creating seriously badass content marketing plans for your business. This is definitely a guide you must be reading.

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How often to post on social media
Posted by | 05 05 2018
​How often should you post on social media?

Two times? Three Times? All Day? Once a Week? How often to post on social media to get your brand rising up and recognised is what I discuss in this...

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social media marketing mistakes to avoid
Posted by | 01 05 2018
Are You Wrecking Your Business Growth?

I find people making these classic mistakes all the time. The terrifying thing is, many do them without even realising. If you want to make sure you don't get caught...

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How to Write Great Content
Posted by | 26 04 2018
How to Write Great Content – A Checklist

This a simple and effective checklist that you can use on all your blogs, ad copy, leaflets, web copy, social media updates and more. Discover how to write great content...

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bad content marketing
Posted by | 26 03 2018
​Why brands fail at content marketing

Read this to end bad content marketing and take your brand to the next level. We're only concerned with your success and content marketing done well will get you results.

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Best Content Marketing Books - Gary Vaynerchuk
Posted by | 22 03 2018
5 Books to Help You do Epic Content Marketing

There is method and rhyme to Content Marketing. For your business to succeed, you must have the tools and techniques. These are the best content marketing books I've read to...

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value of content marketing
Posted by | 21 03 2018
Do you realise content marketing is the best way for your SME to grow?

Don't understand the value of content marketing? These 6 reasons will convince you to use content marketing to grow your organisation.

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Use Your Content Strategy to Strengthen Your Brand Message
Posted by | 10 03 2018
Guideline to Success: Use Your Content Strategy to Strengthen Your Brand Message

Your brand message is the key element to being distinctive in your content. Use Your Content Strategy to Strengthen Your Brand Message

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