Brand Development: A Customer Profiling Template

Posted by Bess Obarotimi

Get ready to be able to write better content for your customers

Have websites that your customers stay on for longer and sell your products!

The products you sell have an ideal customer that they best suit. That customer has a very strong specific need for your products.  Without fully understanding these aspects of your customers, you will struggle to sell your products. When you download the customer profiling template, you will be on your way to building a stronger, more profitable business.

For each of the products that we sell, we have defined a customer profile. It helps us to decide on the best content we can use to market our business and products.

Download the customer profiling template, so you can gain better insight to your customers’ content needs, build strong connections with them, position yourself as a thought leader. You’ll also find that you begin building trust.  Trust is a huge factor in whether a customer decides to make his final purchasing decision.

How to use your editorial calendar to tell a story

Download your customer profile template

Click the download button below then right click and save the document so you can use it for each of your customer profiles. Use those profiles to plan for content across your social media profiles. As you start creating good content, promote it regularly and watch your business GROW!

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