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How to gain brand recognition and boost website traffic, fast and inexpensively

Ok,I  admit as we speak, or I type and you read, my video channel for this particular blog is a bit lean, only because I’m reinventing the wheel a little but. But that may have changed if you are reading it some time after I wrote this. But the point of the matter is, when I researched the number one traffic driving component for the top eCommerce stores today, I discovered that one of the main catalysts for clicks to their website and high Google ranking was YouTube videos. And these weren’t fancy highly edited, singing all dancing, rapping mothers and pyjama wearing Dad videos. These were 3 min if that, ‘how tos’, simple,  on the street or some even looked like home (granted they were highly stylised studios made to look like homes) videos. The  fact is YouTube videos were significantly impacting their No 1 Google  ranking.

And here’s the thing. Google owns YouTube. So it makes sense that this highly influential search engine is even happier when you are using their video sharing platform.

Tweet: Using YouYube will gain you brand recognition and boost your website traffic

Look if you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a hundred times. Don’t be afraid. Don’t worry about how you look in the video and how perfect it will be. Don’t wait. Be consistent and drive that traffic baby. Ok the baby was highly unnecessary but you get my drift.

Need Ideas? Here’s 10. Anyone of these is bound to spark someone’s interest

1. Product how to’s

2. Motivational quick talks

3. Hobby vlogging

4. Lifestyle

5. Family

6. Product showcase

7.  Holidays

8.  Reviews

9. Funny things

10. And the best of all, Cat videos.

Take your pick!


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