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​How to Use Influencer Marketing for Brand Growth

​Ads not working for you? Engagement low on your social media profiles? Do not underestimate the power of influencer marketing to promote your goods and services.

Consumers aren’t online to see your ads and product promotions, but they are online to see what their favourite social media personality is up to. Think reality stars Kylie Jenner, Nicole Snooki Polizzi and closer to home, Patricia Bright

We all know consumers are ignoring ads by clicking “skip’ after 5 seconds on YouTube and hiding ads on Facebook timelines. But what is kicking up more of a frenzy, are the products media celebs are endorsing. These influencers have grown their following to millions. They have made it their job to tell consumers about the products they love and hate. Consumers are using the feedback to make buying decisions, by the second. I myself will hit YouTube and search for a ‘How-To’ or product review before I part ways with my hard earned cash on the next Mac lipstick I plan on purchasing.

When you do find a suitable influencer, you don’t have to look for your target martket. They are already there. The influencer is already highly engaged with their audience. The figures on how much consumers are persuaded by on infleuncerin buying decisions is staggering
​ How to Use Influencer Marketing for Brand Growth

The Facts and Figures

According to digital agency, Burst Media, Influencer Marketing Pays $6.50 for Every Dollar Spent.

Burst Media

74 % of consumers use social media to make purchase  decisions.

The reason Influencer Marketing does so well is testiment to how consumers use social media and their content needs. Platforms like Youtube perform superbly because content is native, authentic and creative. As opposed to traditional martketing initiatives that can appear deliberate in comparison. Companies must flow with the times for a winning social media strategy.

Building a strong company with healthy profit is no easy feat and usually achieved by putting your hand in your pocket, appealing marketing campaigns, hiring the best talent, being the very best and the topic close to our hearts, having a strong social media presence. Hiring influencers to endorse your product is going to make the social media marketing process speedier and stronger.

Find a social media influencer who stands for similar principles as your brand and has a strong following. Allow them creative license but do make sure that they have a solid track record and have not supported products that could hurt your brand. Get in contact with them, get to know them and make sure they are fully on board for a lasting relationship.

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