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How to Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Span Seemlessly across Business Units

A challenge for many companies is producing content that is engaging and consistent. Get all business units working together and Content Management becomes easier.

Bess Obarotimi

Recently, I was asked “How do we take our Content Marketing strategy to the next level?” On careful inspection of the content marketing efforts of this organisation, it was clear that a significant aspect was missing; Content Marketing was occurring as a separate entity. The marketing team, the content team, the research team, the sales team had no idea what content marketing was doing and content marketing was churning out results without any consideration of the undeniable puissant effect of working closely with other divisional teams.

  1. Firstly, recognise that all departments must be involved in sales and marketing, PR, Branding, Sales Marketing, Strategy, Product Development, Research and the Content Marketing teams must work together for coherency and effectiveness.
  2. Create with the strategy covering Content Marketing goals e.g Increase brand awareness, Increase Sales, Improve Converstions rate, Attain higher levels of ROI.
  3. Develop the  Content Marketing strategy with involvement from team members from each division.
  4. Create a Content Production Calendar that creates content geared towards your end goal.
  5. Have your Content Marketing Strategist construct systems to coallate content from all departments.
  6. Have Content Creators who ensure that the content is delivered in a fresh unique way to customers.
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We have since implemented the strategy, and almost immediately, engagement and sales went up.

The take home – Content Marketing is not an isolated activity. Get everyone involved, hire smart people with a long term strategic approach and begin producing high quality content that is scaleable and sustainability.

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