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Run your eCommerce site like a Pro

If you want to know how successful ecommerce sites work, you will need to do what the big players do. Your ecommerce site is vital to your retail business in gaining market share. The Big players are not successful by chance. It takes hard work and hiring specialist team to compete in the fierce online market.

Here are three top tips for running a successful ecommerce site.

Know your metrics
Make sure you know how your site is performing . Regularly check your ‘Google Analystics’ This will provide you with vital statistics to empower your marketing strategy.
Tip 1. Check your sites statistics which products your customers are searching for the most
Tip 2. Know how your customers navigate through your site. Identify if site usage is consistent with your goals.
Tip 3. Identify your best performing keywords. Your keywords are the key ingredient in increasing your site exposure. Knowing them helps you better tailor site content
Tip 4. Find out where your customers are coming from. Where do they find out about your site.

Deliver what your customer wants

You must be able to describe, concisely your ideal customer. This will mean you are offering the right products.

Provide engagement

People don’t go online just to shop. The Internet is also a social medium. Give you customers to remain on your site longer by providing engaging features. The longer a visitor is on your site. The more they are likely to buy.

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