Are You Wrecking Your Business Growth?

Posted by - Bess Obarotimi

Content Marketing means creating content and putting it out on social media right? Wrong. There’s a huge piece of the puzzle missing in that statement

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

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Content marketing needs to make your business money. It needs to grow your business. It needs to generate more profits.

As a content marketing consultant, I come across organisations who want a strategy for creating great content for their social media platforms. The issues I find is, apart from the apparent lack of a strategy and in spite of creating content, they are not generating business, they are not converting fans into customers. There are no conversations online about their product. They are not seen as relevant.

If you are creating the content but you are not getting the growth I’m going to show some aspects of social media marketing mistakes to avoid.

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1. You are too caught up with Social Media

We find many businesses get wrapped up in creating and sharing content and being social. This is great. Extremely great. Social media is fun. We get likes, shares and comments. But those can be a distraction from the real purpose of your social media and marketing efforts.

You absolutely want to be creating content consistently and daily, but there is a business side you must place your focus on.

Depending on what type of business you are and who your client is, implement a strategy that gets the sales in. Brand awareness is the only goal you meet if you create content with no plan and even then the strength of the brand message may be wishy-washy at best.

With a strategy, the type of content you create has a focal point. It can be evaluated and reviewed. It opens up avenues for higher levels of creativity and niche content.

We worked with a small financial institution recently on their content marketing strategy. With such a complex business, it was crucial we identified precisely who we were targeting and what results we wanted to achieve before we did anything.

Our research and analysis revealed market sentiments. Team collaboration, data review and expert analysis provided clarity on goals and missions. We wrote our streamlined strategy and conducted weekly meetings. We trained staff and built the bridge across functional teams and with leadership. Content needs were identified and the process of creation simplified yet filled with intent. The sales came in.

Get serious about making content marketing work for you.

2. Not Using the Right Social Media Platforms for your Niche

Some gurus will say use all the platforms. Some will say find one that you enjoy using. I recommend finding the ones that your ideal customer uses. Even if you use all the platforms, concentrate on building your business on the platforms where ideal customers are active

Placing your brand on the right platforms will give you better results quickly because you can connect with the right customer.

I choose to be on most platforms – YouTube because it helps build a voice for my brand; Instagram because it’s an excellent platform for building communities; Twitter I find fantastic for developing key relationships with influencers through the conversations that take place.  I find networking has been made easier with LinkedIn and it’s the platform where I drum up the most business for my consulting work.

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3. Make personal connections

It’s not a productive use of social media if you are not reaching out; if you are not talking back.; if you’re not facilitating conversations; if you are not building communities.

I still don’t quite get why people don’t reach out. Time can’t be the issue. It takes ten minutes. Everyone must have 10 minutes to reach out. Even the current President of the United States has 10 minutes, if not more.

I recently reached out to a client who we’d been working with on their social media. They are a high net worth client dealing with premium products. But just like my first point, they got caught up in the social spirit of Instagram. All the pictures this client’s high net worth friends were sharing and the engaging live stories they were enjoyed sharing took an incredible amount of focus. Great in brand building. Couldn’t fault the social interaction and the content creation but not right for the business.

My client’s customers were just not on Instagram. They were actively engaged on other platforms. I convinced my client to switch focus.

I said, “Get off Instagram. Ignore it if you have to because you don’t have the time to manage engagement on all your social media platforms and concentrate on Twitter where we’ve seen potential clients genuinely interested in what you offer.”

On Twitter, we could see potential clients were having crucial and related conversations. My client joined the discussions there. Armed with a clear strategy, I trained my client in the use of the Twitter platforms, and the bookings came in.

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4. You need to Up Your Copywriting game.

The way you write your content matters. You need to get it right. Don’t try to imitate others without understanding the mechanisms of writing good copy. Know what to do and then look for ideas.

People try to wing it at copywriting, or they steal other people’s work. Or at least try to write the same as the work they see.

Learn how to write great content. You will convert your fans easier. You can create a stronger buzz around your product. You can influence and change minds.

I have so many content creation techniques that I teach in my courses. They are in-depth, and use psychology, the art of persuasion and the methods of the most celebrated copywriters in the world, ever.

But, let me share with you two basic secrets to copywriting. Straight up.

I use these techniques to write content when I lack the time, and I want to think quickly. This is what I do. And, it works

One. I tell a story. That’s it. When I share a personal story, I get everyone involved. My audiences relate. They leave comments. They share. They high five me. Whatever. They love it.

The other thing I do is pretend I am talking to my closest friend and I want them hyped up about what I am saying. I imagine my friend sitting right in front of me, and I use all the language and methods of influence I can think. Don’t judge me. We all instinctively turn to necessary means of psychological influence when we want our nearest and dearest to be interested in what we are saying. I make sure I’m using all the instinctive tricks I know to get them excited and taking action.

And that’s it. If you do not know the mechanisms of copywriting, you can ramp up your content straight away by doing those two things. One always tell stories and two, pretend you are talking to a friend.

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