July 2014

Posted by | 24 07 2014
Don’t do these 10 things when launching your new product online

These are things that you must not do when you launch a product online. It'll reduce some of the heart ache. It's not an exhaustive list, so feel free to...

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Posted by | 08 07 2014
Run your Facebook Page like Cristiano Ronaldo: 3 ways to boost your Facebook branding today

When I noticed my 7 year old son was getting really interested in Cristiano Ronaldo's Facebook page, I decided to take a closer look. This is what I found.

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Posted by | 07 07 2014
How to get Branding through your Facebook Page Right

How to get Branding through your Facebook Page Right Guide by Bess Obarotimi

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Posted by | 04 07 2014
4 simple tips and a plugin to boost sales on your Woocommerce powered WordPress store

In the age of the laptop millionaire, where making money online is commonplace, overnight success a familiar story, most of us may have thought – and hoped, that by the...

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