4 things your fans and followers want from your content to stay engaged with your brand

When you start your online store your aim is to attract relevant fans interested in your brand and who can be turned into loyal customers. Which is why “engagement” is a key social media buzzword. Since Social Media is a sole form of entertainment, more so than TV to many, bored consumers will switch channels in seconds.  They want to be engaged. So your company has to quickly meet this expectation and this article will talk about 4 major aspects needed to achieve strong engagement.

1. Highly shareable content

Bear in mind that social media is for promoting and sharing  personalities,  lifestyles, careers, everything and anything about our lives. Most 5 things your fans and followers want from your brand to stay engagedonline consumers are interested in brands that helps boost these aspects of their online identities. They love your content if they feel is is worthy of being be shared with their networks. For them to love it, it has to be new, in keeping with current trends and exciting. It has to add value to your consumers online networks. It must make them look good for them to come back for more.

2. Lifestyle improvement

Information online makes it easier for consumers to learn how to do literally anything. You’ve got already got the fans, you should be giving them information that they will be looking for. Content still has to be relevant to your brand, but you are making it easier for fans/followers to find it. You are keeping them within your network and meeting their information needs.  Show them how they to get the best out of  your product. If you don’t, someone else will.

3. Knowledge of who you are

Invisibility is not an option online. Show your fans/followers the people behind the brand. Just as your fans do, your company must also share the personalities of the real people in your company, their lifestyles,  their pivotal events and everything that aids build connections. Bring your brand to life and make it poignant in the minds of your fans and followers.

4. Paid attention to

Get to know your fans. Find out the other brands they follow. Read their comments. Find out what content they share. Learn what matters to them. Discover more about their lifestyles and how they use your product. What value does your product bring and what ways doesn’t. In what ways does your product or service complicate your customers life. What can be done to make things easier. It’s not necessarily about their complaints but ways the product is  ineffective. It could be so subtle your customers are not even talking about it.   You can unearth some  real unspoken values purely through observation and a thorough understanding of how your product is used.  Uncovering the things that are not spoken about is the beginning of delivering products and services that consumers want.

Think of this example. When Elearning began, we got our college and university material online but still had to print off work to be handed in to our lectures, trainers, teachers. These days, entire courses are completed virtually. Very little to no paper is required to complete the course. But not many made significant complaints about having printing work off initially.

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1. Research all the places your ideal customers likes to visit online. Subscribe to their blogs, forums and other social media sites. On a regular basis read what it is your customers are talking about. Do it with the intention of getting to know more about your customer and the way they use your product. Let your aim be find out what has been missed in traditional methods of delivery. Use the information for innovation.

2. Ask questions through your social media channels but look behind the obvious when reading responses. Try to find out what it is that is not being said. Learn to ask the right questions. With the information begin to provide content that covers the issues you have discovered

3. Whenever possible always post the true lives stories of the people behind the brand through photos, blogs, magazine articles, interviews and video. Allow your network to get to know the company personality. Build trust so they will want to interact with your content more.

4. Complete the following value adding exercise. Write down a detailed description of how your products is being delivered and used by your customers. Make a list of all the ways that your product adds value. Make another list of all the ways that a process is complicated or does not add value. Use the information to make changes to the online store logistics and social media content. Tell your fans/followers about the changes.

I’d love to know how your social media branding campaigns are going. Below in the comments, let me know your successes or perhaps obstacles you would like help with.

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