5 essential aspects of your sales landing page

Companies can’t afford to overlook the power of their sales landing page to convert consumers into buyers.

A good sales landing page that causes visitors to sign up for your newsletter, download your eBook, or buy your product will boost your sales figures.


How important is your landing page?

Within your website, your home page, your product pages, FAQ pages are the building blocks of your site. But the sole purpose of your sales landing pages is to convert. They are designed specifically to cause visitors to become customers.

Having a website and social media pages or even ads isn’t enough. Visitors come to your page by clicking through from a social media post, an ad banner. You need to convince the visitor with information that causes them to want to buy or become a lead.

It’s said that 96% of visitors that come to your site aren’t ready to buy anything. Without a sales landing page, you company is losing out on market share.

So what does it take to make a good landing page. I’ve assembled aspects of what I consider to make a good landing page.


State a Clear Unique Value proposition (UVP)

A visitor needs to come to your landing page and quickly understand the benefit to them.

Let it be bold, big and in an obvious place. Your customer must, almost immediately, be told why they should be buying from you. Tell them what they get out of it.

Considering your visitor has probably got to your landing page from somewhere else, this UVP should have been used in the ad as well, so your visitor can make a quick connection between where they came from and the landing page.


5 essential aspects of your sales landing pages - AliExpress.com


Aliexpress.com, the huge online wholesale site, has a UVP, to announce it’s visitors will “Save BIG on top quality items !” when they buy through the site. It’s compelling. It’s right at the top in a banner. It tells the customer, clearly, the benefit from shopping with Aliexpress.com.

Customers want to buy products that bring value such as saving money, making things easier, making money, saving time. If you have a value let your website visitors be aware.


Make an offer that can’t be refused.

Make your visitors a totally irresistible offer. The offer must connect on an emotional level if it is to affect their behaviours. To do this, the offer must appeal to their inner most needs and desires.


5 essential aspects of your sales landing pages - Adobe.com


Adobe.com’s 20% offer at the top right of their website cannot be missed. Customers love good discounts and this one’s great for designers, photographers and all those that need the Adobe products for work and everyday life. They most likely would buy the product anyway, but the added discount makes it more attractive. The customer gets an additional benefit from buying a much needed product.


Connect Emotionally.

Already been mentioned but your landing page must connect emotional. Images are GREAT at this. Use images of people that reflect the emotions your customer have or want to have. Also represent the lifestyles they want to live.

The right images enable visitors to make a connection to your product or service. When the images have pictures of people that look the way they perceive themselves or aspire to be, it places the product in the mind of the visitor as something they can use. You help the visitor build a picture in their mind of how things could be once  they make the purchase.


5 essential aspects of your sales landing pages - Nike.com


Fans of Nike athletic wear, imagine themselves as, or becoming, trendy, healthy and fit. And the images used on the site reflect these mental pictures of themselves.

Customers are able to become emotionally connected when the brand uses images to identify with who they are or aspire to be.

Emotional connections are so important to establishing your company brand and having loyal customers who repeatedly buy from you. Consumers are more invested in a brand that can show they know their customer through emotion connections.


Add credibility.

Use the stories, the testimonials and case studies your company has to add credibility to the benefits you claim your company provides. Include them on your sales page.

Once your visitors have learnt the value your company gives and after you have shown you understand them, you are in a good position to convince further of the benefits with evidence.

You can provide evidence from past customers with testimonials. You can also get proof with statistics of how well your company has achieved  in delivering the benefits of it’s products and services.


5 essential aspects of your sales landing pages - Gap.com


It’s no mistake, that one of the largest online retailers, Gap.com, has a section on their landing page dedicated to #gaplove. If you visit the site today and are thinking of buying, you can scroll down the page to view uploaded images by loyal fans wearing the brand. Not only do you get to see how the brand looks in reality, but you get to see other GAP fans using the product. This adds credibility to the product.

There’s no better proof for consumers, than seeing others using your product and being happy about it. And Gap have found a fun way to do that.


Tell customers what to do.

Whether visitors come to your page ready to buy or are first time visitors, you must let them know what they need to do to get your service or product. So tell them with a Call to action (CTA) button. The best place for it, is above the fold – the space on your website where visitors don’t have to scroll down. And you can repeat CTA’s on the page, if necessary.

In each of the above examples, there is a visible CTA. Adobe’s ‘Choose a Plan’, Nikes’ Shop Nike Flash’ and Gap’s ‘Sign up Now’ or ‘Upload Photo’. Other effective CTA’s would be ‘Learn more’, ‘Book’ Now’ or ‘Shop Now’

The CTA helps the customer make a decision whilst on your site. It helps guide the customer through your site towards the required end such as a sale, or newsletter sign up. It helps your company achieve goals. It leaves nothing to chance.

The more I help companies manage their online social media pages, the more I am convinced of how important landing pages are to closing the sale.

It’s important to understand that social media, your ads, your blogs and your website help build your online presence and brand. They work together with a sales landing page that sells your product and helps close the sale.

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