6 elements of quality social media content for brands

6 elements of quality social media content for brand development

Ready to make your social media content highly engaging?

Do you want content that your followers enjoy to see?

Start incorporating these ten top strategies for brand defining, fan engaging social media content.

1.Your followers really want to know the people behind the brand.

They want to get to know who is responsible for the brand concepts.
Don’t underestimate how interested consumers are in the people behind the company. They want to know what drives them, what they like, what they don’t like. They want to evaluate whether they like the people in your company.  When you share the stories of the people within your company, their jobs, how they conduct the business, you are showing your customer, your people matter to your brand.

You become more that a company selling a product. You are a company interested in people and ready to make lives better.

2.When your brand has news, runs an event, receives an award,

releases a new book, conducts some research, anything that the company does outside the product, tell that story. Again, your story builds the brand for the customer. You become multifaceted and memorable.

Paint a picture in your followers’ minds with company news, that helps them remember who you are. Keep telling that story.  It will positively impact the buying decision process. Why? Because your customer will feels as though they are buying from a company they know.

3.Get your customers’ feedback, their ideas and ask questions.

Be very interested in what your customer has to say, if you want them to be interested in you. You can get their input on a new product, have Q&A sessions, get their ideas on brand identity,  ideas an new design on a product, feedback on an existing and any new changes.

Don’t shy away from getting your followers involved with your company. Carry them along. Let them feel a part of the company, and that their opinion counts. Strong brands, make their customers a part of the story. Without your customers you have no brand. So include them.

4. Let fans and followers know that you are in tune with popular culture

and incorporate it into the brand and your social media content.

House of Fraser did this neat thing on Instagram around the same time Facebook introduced reactions on status updates. Perhaps it coincidental. But it was time relevant. It used a simple concept like emojis, that everybody uses, to do a video on one of the most popular relationships of our time, Prince William and the Duchess, Kate. How current is that?

Be current. Be in tune with what is popular.

Have a look at the House of Fraser’s video below. We think it’s pretty cool.

5.Have in-depth industry knowledge and share it with consumers.

Be informed and help others to keep to up date with the industry. Informative content is very useful in helping bring value to your customer’s life. A brand doesn’t just deliver products and services. It aims to add value.

6.Another great way to add value to consumer’s lives is to be motivational.

Inspire them to live better lives. Do videos, or poster quotes which are incredibly popular these days to motivate social media users and potential customer. Where possible, let your inspirational content be brand relevant. Be original.  Add quirkiness to stand out from the crowd. Check out these 3 motivation posters from Benetton. There brand relevant, in terms of the message and identity but inspirational at the same time.

La vie est plus forte que la haine.

A photo posted by United Colors of Benetton (@benetton) on

Back then and now, invest in yourself. #BenettonWomenEmpowerment #Benetton #collectionofus #Seventies

A photo posted by United Colors of Benetton (@benetton) on

Armed with these 6 elements of quality social media content for brand development, challenge yourself to produce a piece of content that covers one of these elements each week. Do it consistently and watch your engagement grow. Come back here or visit our Facebook page and let us know how you get on. If you have any questions. The same goes. Ask in the comments below or on Facebook.

Wishing you GREATER social media branding success.

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