Bess Obarotimi

Posted by | 04 09 2014
4 things your fans and followers want from your content to stay engaged with your brand

Engagement is the social media buzzword but how can that be achieved for startups and small businesses competing in a fierce market just to be seen for more than 5...

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Posted by | 24 07 2014
Don’t do these 10 things when launching your new product online

These are things that you must not do when you launch a product online. It'll reduce some of the heart ache. It's not an exhaustive list, so feel free to...

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Posted by | 08 07 2014
Run your Facebook Page like Cristiano Ronaldo: 3 ways to boost your Facebook branding today

When I noticed my 7 year old son was getting really interested in Cristiano Ronaldo's Facebook page, I decided to take a closer look. This is what I found.

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Posted by | 07 07 2014
How to get Branding through your Facebook Page Right

How to get Branding through your Facebook Page Right Guide by Bess Obarotimi

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Posted by | 04 07 2014
4 simple tips and a plugin to boost sales on your Woocommerce powered WordPress store

In the age of the laptop millionaire, where making money online is commonplace, overnight success a familiar story, most of us may have thought – and hoped, that by the...

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Posted by | 28 06 2014
How To Find Masses of Great Content Without it Taking Your Time

Cut the time it takes for you to find masses of great sharable content on your social media networks and blog. Build brand loyalty and trust when you deliver content...

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Posted by | 24 06 2014
Create more content in less time

I'm a Social Media Cheat. Yes I admit it. And I'll tell you why I admit this. I ask my clients if they will promote their website using social media...

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Posted by | 19 06 2014
How to gain brand recognition and boost website traffic, fast and inexpensively

You must do this if you really want to increase traffic to your website and establish your brandYou must do this if you really want to increase traffic to your...

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Posted by | 18 06 2014
Why your website design is not important

Find out why you shouldn't spend time worrying about your website design.

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Posted by | 18 06 2014
Run your eCommerce site like a Pro

If you want to know how successful ecommerce sites work, you will need to do what the big players do. Your ecommerce site is vital to your retail business in...

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