How to establish your brand on Instagram

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Are you serious about developing and growing a recognisable brand through Instagram?

Do you want to stand out from the seemingly millions in your line of business?

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of Instagram and just post pictures for posting  sakes. After all, everyone loves pictures of cats, coffee and cool clothing why not just do the same.  But if you seriously want to show your Instagram followers you are not just another business trying to make them buy your products online, but you really have something of value to offer, that you are a brand, you’ll need to incorporate the following tactics for Instagram domination.

Be Liberal

Nowadays there’s nothing like too much information, so be free to share the information through pictures. Take pictures of your brand being used, of your company, it’s people, their lifestyles. Nearly nothing is off limits.

Sure there will be things not necessary to be shared since they add nothing to the brand. But try not to hold back either.

Be prepared daily to share your pictures through social media. Be it a meeting, a new development a business decision or just a selfie, share it.

Instagram is essentially your online photo album, and in spite of what some may say, the people that use this platform want to see a lot of good quality lifestyle pictures. Seeing your brand in action, in reaL life situations, gives it personality, the heart if any true brand.

Stick to a definite style

Whilst most of the time you’ll read your brand identity is not your brand, it goes a long way in establishing the way people feel about it. If you have been particular about the style of logo, colours and brand voice, they will be representative of the brand message. Whilst by themselves they are not the brand, they are what helps the brand be meaningful.

Let’s say you chose the color red because you believe your company is a vibrant company. Be vibrant in your images, be vibrant in your storytelling, be vibrant in your statuses and be vibrant in the brand voice that you use.

Consistent in the brand identity, will remind people what they think of the brand. Exactly what you need if they love the things your brand does.

Go beyond the pictures

Sure the Instagram platform is very visual, but you can also use your pictures to tell a story. Don’t waste the caption area.  Make use of it to tell the story. Your brand stories build the brand and sets you apart from the competition.

Throughout history people have told stories to friends, associates and family.  Stories are compelling and easy to remember. No two people can have the same story. No two brands can have the same story.

Be ready to tell a story of the brand with your pictures. Speak about the passions, the challenges and the successes. The stories of anything that enthuses you about the brand. Your followers will connect with your stories and if you’re telling interesting ones, they’ll be happy to hear more.

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