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100 Highly Engaged Fans,
Posted by | November 27, 2020
How to Get Your First 100 Highly Engaged Fans on any Platform

Today we're delving into three simple but effective ways you are going to use to get your first 100 Highly Engaged Fans,

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Popularity Contest
Posted by | November 5, 2020
The Popularity Contest

Does social media steer brands away from developing a distinct identity and story and instead has them involved in a popularity contest? Read the article as I share my thoughts.

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architecture stories
Posted by | October 24, 2020
Why we need to hear more architecture stories

Architecture is more than majestic structures or brutalist housing estates. It’s art and culture. Architecture stories deserve to be told to a much a wider audience.

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survive and thrive using social media
Posted by | October 21, 2020
How Bricks and Mortar learn to survive and thrive using social media

Bricks and mortar companies have closed their doors and shifted focus sharply and quickly to survive and thrive using social media

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2020 Social Media Planner
Posted by | January 22, 2020
A Free Five-Year 2020 Social Media Planner

Download a free 2020 Social Media Plannerstraight to your device. Create more content and strengthen your brand message with this easy-to-use tool.

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authentic content
Posted by | December 31, 2019
How to be More Authentic in Your Content in 2020

Need help creating authentic content? Want to build a brand on social media but are held back because you do not know what content to share? Read this.

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Get into the Habit
Posted by | December 20, 2019
Get into the Habit

Just how do you get into the habit of creating content and being on social media every day? Well, everyone is different but this is what I do.

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Use Snapchat
Posted by | October 28, 2019
Snapchat is in a league of its own – Advice

Should you use Snapchat? Who's using this platform well? Where should the Snapchat Founders focus? All discussed in this article.

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Social Media for Introverts
Posted by | June 27, 2019
Social Media for Introverts

I'm an introvert. This is how I got round it. This video is about Social Media for Introverts.

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How often to post on social media
Posted by | May 5, 2018
​How often should you post on social media?

Two times? Three Times? All Day? Once a Week? How often to post on social media to get your brand rising up and recognised is what I discuss in this...

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