Why content is King but engagement is Queen

Why content is King but engagement is Queen

You’ve heard it being said a hundred times, “Content is King!” And so daily you create and produce value based content. But content alone is not enough. Without consistently engaging with your fans and followers, you aren’t able to build valuable connections. You aren’t able to build trust. Trust is the cornerstone of any strong business. Your customers will buy and continue to buy from you when they trust your company to meet their expectations.

Engagement build connections
Spend a minimum of 10 mins engaging with your social media followers. Do it around the same time you post content so that it becomes a habit. Engage daily. Visit the profiles of influencers, start conversations with them or those that are already commenting on their posts. Get seen, get heard and get known. Build relationships with your peers. Follow your customers back. Show that you’re interested. Get recognised as not just a product selling business, but a business that knows its customers.

If you’re having trouble converting fans into customers, you’re probably not engaging. You have to be willing to break barriers.

Engagement reveals a brand’s personality
Don’t be a stoic business. Show emotion. Develop a clear brand voice that is energetic, enthuses and also embodies the personality of your company. Consumers want to know the personality of the brand. They want to feel like they can relate. What better way to do that than to talk back? Calm their fears. Motivate them towards their successes. Get to know them through questions. And, all of this does not need to happen from within your own brand profiles. Your employees should also have personal profiles where they can talk on a personal level.

ASOS.com is great at playing towards their brand personality. When you ask a question to ASOS customer service, you’ll be replied by a person. You get a name attached to their replies. And, they talk in a very trendy way to match the trendiness of the brand. They’ll respond when you retweet. They’ll like your comments. Their employees have their own Twitter profiles and YouTube channels, making it easier for customers to build a relationship with ASOS.com.

When building your digital brand online, have at the forefront of your mind that you want to build relationships. Start and join conversations. Show you have a personality. Your fans will love you more for it.

Engagement shows you care
True brands succeed because they understand the needs of their market sector. You could use social media much like you would a focus group if you are involved in the conversations. When you get engaging with consumers you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the issues that matter. You learn the real issues, ones that aren’t so obvious until people start talking with you.

Making engagement a priority will allow your company to go beyond selling a product and towards adding value and solving people’s problems. Take time to get to know your customer. Understand what drives them nuts and what gets them out of bed in the morning. Consumers buy from companies that understand them.

Engagement shows you understand social media
You can’t use social media for all it’s worth if you use it just to tell everyone about your goods and services. You must find the time to engage with others.

Social media users are social. It’s that simple.They don’t wake up each morning, log into Facebook and think, “Right, whose seminar can I attend today? Whose product can I buy now?” They want to see what their mates are up to. They want to escape from the mundane to be entertained by funny videos, motivated by quotes and discover the fancy holidays their friends have been on. They dream of a better life. They want to see the possibility of a better life. They want to converse with their friends. They certainly didn’t log into social media to buy anything. They logged in to be social. Your brand needs to be social. Remember that, be social!

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