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What customers really want
Posted by Bess Obarotimi | 22 June 2021
What customers really want

A quick blog post on what customers really want from your content because the social media platforms are a bit like T.V, except they're not.

enhance the customer experience
Posted by Bess Obarotimi | 18 June 2021
Enhance the customer experience

When using social media to enhance the customer experience journey, business more accurately match content to users' expectations.

Learn how to win one customer
Posted by Bess Obarotimi | 16 June 2021
Learn how to win one customer

If you want to create a marketing message that converts, first you must learn how to win one customer. Click to continue reading.

marketing for the people
Posted by Bess Obarotimi | 15 June 2021
marketing for the people

The new marketing is no longer something we do to the people. Now we marketing for the people. Click to continue reading.

content testing
Posted by Bess Obarotimi | 12 June 2021
Content Testing

I'm talking about intentionally reducing the flukes and increasing your repertoire of wins. Click to read more on content testing.

trust and like
Posted by Bess Obarotimi | 10 June 2021
Trust and Like

Trust and like - they are the same reasons customers will keep coming back to your storefront, your website or seek you out time after time on social media.

Lesson learnt
Posted by Bess Obarotimi | 09 June 2021
learning something new

I went camping for the very purpose of learning something new. And so I have a little something I want to share with you. Click to read.

The Fans Vs. The Content
Posted by Bess Obarotimi | 30 May 2021
The Fans Vs. The Content

The Fans Vs. The Content - which is more important? Let's take a look at celebrities Victoria Beckham and Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson to find out.

Posted by Bess Obarotimi | 29 May 2021

'Us' is a group of people who are like one another. Continue reading why 'us' is important to the success of our marketing.

Limitations are an asset
Posted by Bess Obarotimi | 24 May 2021
Limitations are an asset

Starting out we all have a scarcity of resources but our limitations are an asset. They cause us to innovate and think outside the box.

Posted by Bess Obarotimi | 23 May 2021

Haha, I laugh because my article titles are getting shorter and shorter. This one is simply called routine. Click to find out more.

The Zone
Posted by Bess Obarotimi | 22 May 2021
The Zone

The zone is your focused headspace; your optimum mental, physical and emotional environment. Click to continue reading.