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I’m a Social Media Cheat. Yes I admit it. And I’ll tell you why I admit this. I ask my clients if they will promote their website using social media and many a time I get the following response, “I haven’t the time to be on social media. I know my business needs it but I have no time. Besides, I don’t like Social Media.”

Play the following quick sound now!

Yep, that’s the wrong answer buzzer because that’s the WRONG answer”

content marketing post planner

Listen up, you have to find the time and be on social media if you want your online business to be succeessful. And, this is how I cheat at it. Well, of course I don’t cheat. I make my life easy and use Post Planner. It’s a great inexpensive app which I like to use to get inspiration and content for my posts.

The time I spend getting good content for all my social media platforms, and I’m on a good number of  them, is significantly reduced using Post Planner. I probably spend 30 mins per business, daily, finding viral content.

I can easily access all the latest trending topics, all on one platform and in seconds. Without any effort, I discover the stuff that everybody already likes and can share it. I find trends in my niche and related subjects and get great status ideas. You can also use Postplanner to schedule posts. Generally, I don’t make use of this feature since I need to manage many clients and many social media platforms.

If you are looking for great content that you already know is a winner and you want to boost your engagement, which is essential, give Post Planner a try.

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