Easy Step to Turn Followers into Customers

This article is for you if you are struggling to convert your social media followers into customers.

Are you ready to start building up your customer base? The number one marketing strategy you need to employ to do this, is newsletters.

Hopefully, you’ve managed to get great interaction with your social media followers, as this will give you fantastic results from a newsletter strategy. And, results are what we want, right? The next step is to give precedence to interacting with consumers away from social media, particularly if you sell goods and services on your site.

One technique companies employ to turn followers into customers, is by offering something for free. You offer consumers free gifts and offers and in return they subscribe to your newsletter. Through your newsletter you can continue to offer them great deals and information on new products.

It’s important that you don’t exclude email newsletters to selling your products but as a method to continue to build relationships as well. Send your subscribers valuable information that solves the challenges they face and your company is expert in solving. This will help build trust.

Consider providing your subscribers exclusive offers, such as  first access to discounts or content not provided on your blog and social media profiles.

If your customers are receiving  and reading your emails, the chances are stronger that they will make a purchase from your company.

Bess Obarotimi

Below are examples of email campaigns that are effective in building customer relationships.


From Social Media Followers into Paying Customers

Great visuals in an email from Missguided.com, welcomes new customer signs ups to their site. The visuals appeal to their ideal customer. The description explains  to the customer theywill be getting great fashion at great prices and the call-to-action is visible.

From Social Media Followers into Paying Customers

ASOS.com’s welcome email encourages the customer to get going with links to different parts of the site. The customer can see clearly what they are going to get on the ASOS Marketplace website and become more familiar with the brand. The customer has recieved this email because they have signed up to the site and ASOS Marketplace uses the email to take the relationship one step further.


From Social Media Followers into Paying Customers

Linzi Shoes use their email campaign let their new customers,  who are students, know they’ll get 10% off their orders giving them even more reason to stay interested in the brand. Again they use call to actions to encourage a purchase.

Why  you need an email campaign

An email campaign is so important if you want to turn your social media followers in to customers. It means you can build relationships outside of third party platforms with your own online real estate. By keeping them up to date with news and discounts and showing them how your business solves their problems you increase your chances of building your business. When you rely on social media to build your business you are not building your brand.

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