Facebook video is an underutilised yet fundamental aspect of digital marketing

I don’t know why I feel as though I’m sticking my neck out by making this statement, but I’m next to 100% sure that Facebook videos, live videos and stories really should all be a non negotiable part of your marketing strategy.

None of the big social media players are really pushing it. They tend to advocate for YouTube as the native video creating platform. Perhaps it’s because I fit the bill for one of your typical Facebook users – 35-40 year old mum with 2.4 kids. The point is, I know Facebook well. I frequented the platform heaps before broadening my horizons.

I find the Facebook video playlists a lot more attractive from a marketing point of view compared to YouTube. Don’t get me wrong, YouTube is fab to use for marketing purposes, or as the majority of YouTube content creators do; create channels attracting devoted fans who regularly tune in to watch the latest installment of that YouTubers life. A huge plus on YouTube is the revenue generation, which has seen 25 year olds become overnight millionaires.

It’s the simplicity of the Facebook playlist I find appealing. Get into the habit of creating and uploading a good number of Facebook videos and when your audience tunes in to watch one, Facebook will auto play them another from your archives. The whole video watching experience is a bit more exclusive on Facebook.

After watching your video in YouTube, a viewer is presented with a list of videos from other creators as well as yours reducing the probability of your created video being viewed in succession.

Bess Obarotimi
Which platform do you use in video marketing strategy? Both of them. The YouTube community differs widely to Facebook. Two distinguishing features of the YouTube community are, they tend to be younger and more adventurous. Then of course, there’s the income opportunities.
Facebook on the other hand will give you a loyal following along with a higher possibility of exposure derived from the auto play features. If you’re thinking about doing Facebook videos get in on the action now while this aspect of the platform isn’t yet overrun with budding entrepreneurs and startups.

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