How to ramp up low social media engagement

How to ramp up low social media engagement

The business you are in can make a difference in the lives of others. You are sure of it. You get up every morning, passionately, to give customers what they need. You research, learn more and improve yourself to deliver a unique promise to people through your product. You want to bring something to the lives of people they haven’t had before. But do you get the message across effectively through your online content? Do you have low social media engagement?

Don’t confuse advertising with branded content

Think of an advertisement. You watch them on TV or see them in the sidebar of your favourite website. The content will usually translate to, “We have wonderful product ‘A’, that will make your life better and you can buy it from our shop here.“  The intention being, to promote a product and persuade people to buy.

Now before you read the next sentence, take a few moments to think of a particular company whose branding you like. (Pause to think on that for a few seconds as the next sentence comes.) You will almost certainly picture an experience or an interaction. You’ll consider the brands’ values and or have a positive feeling about them.

Your own brand’s social media content should have much the same effect. It should evoke positive emotions. It shouldn’t be about selling. That’s what ads are for.  Social media content doesn’t sell, it connects. It grabs attention by appealing to consumer emotion.  Start delivering content that attracts consumers emotionally for increased engagement.

It’s tempting for brands to want to advertise their goods and services online. It seems as if customer’s won’t know what it is your selling. But there is a time and a place for advertising. What your social media content should do, is be people focused. Brands are people focused. They help consumers know more, achieve more, feel better about their lives. They reveal that dreams can come too. Aspirations can be attained. People want valuable, educational, interesting content. They do not intent to buy all the time. However, they are willing to buy from brands that have interacted with socially.

Focus on increasing the social interactions for a positive impact on buying decisions.

How Obama capitalises on his online brand

Obama is the personable President. A brand created largely through social media. And he uses his online leverage to promote his campaigns. I’m no way interested in politics, for the most part, but even my online paths crossed the Whitehouse’s #getcovered campaign.

The strategy was simple, create viral style videos, use a #getcovered twitter handle, take selfies, do funny and or ridiculous videos, incorporate cats and dogs(the most loved and regularly featured animals on social media) and show the people we know and understand what’s important to them. The intrinsic message “We, the White House are on your level.” got through. The result – millions of uninsured US citizens are now insured. Why? The president got people focused.

The way forward

If you want your customers to engage with your brand online, visit your website often, share your content and be advocating fans, given them content that resonates with the values they share. Let your content be about the things they care about. Worry less about telling them what the product is. Show, don’t tell them, how you want to improve lives. It’s important you do this to get them to believe in your brand.

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