How to Tell Relevant and Influential Stories


Stories are the new buzzword. Everyone is talking about stories when it comes to social media and content. The great thing about stories is they make your content enjoyable, especially if you are a very corporate brand. It is critical to recognise that stories can give your business life and elements for audiences to relate with. Significantly your marketing team must know how to tell relevant and influential stories.

Every business has a story that their potential customers need to hear that can make it easier for them to remember what your company does and the challenges that your product helps them overcome. You have specific real stories for that.

I remember when I first started doing YouTube videos. After my first video, someone advised me to add more stats in my video because everyone loves stats. So I thought, hmm yes perhaps but who remembers them? Who makes a purchase based on the stats?

Facts, opinions, and value statements push people apart. Stories bring people together.

Chuck Matthei

Do You Remember the Taste Challenge Adverts?

I saw a billboard recently announcing that more than 60% of people prefer Pepsi. Instantly I remembered when Pepsi used to do adverts showing people taking the ‘Taste Challenge’. Those adverts were memorable, fun, more emotional and probably much more effective. The billboard I saw only reminded me of the adverts. Have you seen those adverts? I’m sure anyone who has found them relatable. I believe only a few people absorb those billboard statistics. In fact, I only narrowly saw them, and that’s because I purposefully notice advertisement copy regularly. I need to. It’s my job.

I feel like what I am about to say, everyone has heard before. However, just in case I’m sharing this insight now. The reason the content that tells good stories work is because they involve real people and scenarios…for the most part. The actual stories may be a bit far fetched in say movies and fiction. However, stories are usually passionate, and they have problems that are solved, and we get emotionally attached because we are rooting for the hero to win. That’s why knowing how to tell relevant and influential stories is critical. It allows customers to become vested in your brand. They want your brand to succeed, and they want to succeed with you.

That’s what Storytellers do. We restore order with imagination. We instill hope again and again.

Walt Disney in “Saving Mr. Banks.”

How to Tell Relevant and Influential Stories

So we can take this example from Pepsi to social media where everyone is creating lots of content. As a brand, in it to profit, we have no other choice but to be distinct. We have to tell stories otherwise we’re losing attention. Unfortunately, I witness brands telling stories that do not relate to the business. And in some cases where they are telling business stories, they are not the ones that change minds and sell products.

Significantly audience attention is high demand. Therefore, we can’t waste time getting our message across. For that reason, your brand should have a clear that helps your audiences understand the reason for buying from you. That’s all. Any story you tell that doesn’t help achieve that is a waste of time.

Presently, Sir Richard Branson, the Virgin business mogul comes to my mind because he shares content on social media. When it comes to his personal brand, he always tells a story of experience which relates entirely to The Virgin experience story. Every picture, blog or tweet Richard Branson shares is about great experiences, and they do not distract from the brand message.

You can tell a story on absolutely anything you like, that much is true, but the central message should explain why your brand is of value to the customers. Tell stories, true stories, real-life stories that help your customer understand and remember how your brand will change their lives. Forget statistics. Forget the theory. Leave out unrelated stories. Tell relevant, compelling stories.

Interestingly, it wasn’t until I started telling stories that audiences began connecting with my content, liking and commenting and sharing their own stories. Without a doubt, stories are the type of content that is helping my business to grow.

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