How to Write Great Content – A Basic Storytelling Checklist

Get Your Basic Storytelling Checklist BElow

When you download the Basic Storytelling Checklist, you will be able to start telling stories that your existing and potential customers will care about.

Social media users become your customer when you can effectively create clear story messages. Stories are supposed to let customers know how your product fits into their lives and helps them to be successful. Potential customers will only take notice of your content and make the desired action when they can see what they have to gain.


Every day, all the time, businesses fail to get new customers through the content they create because they focus on sharing how great the product is. They tell audiences about product features thinking that this is what gets customers attention. Furthermore, businesses will create content to share with social media audiences that tells the brand story. Again, customers are not concerned with your brand story. They are interested in products that solve their problems. They pay for products that help them to succeed in life.


The easiest, most tried and tested way to communicate how your products will bring success to your customer’s lives is through stories; stories that make your customer the hero. Stories work because if told well, they help audiences understand the impact your brand will make in their lives. Also, audiences remember stories, so they help make a connection between consumers and brands.

Content creators who create content without a defined story run the risk of confusing customers. Without stories, customers won’t understand why they need to take notice of your content or why they need to buy your products. You’ll create content but not see the results your brand deserves.

When you use theBasic Storytelling Checklist’, you will be able to write content that holds audience attention. Start creating content that is understood and keeps your potential customers anticipating for more.


I’ve done a lot of research and testing of stories, TED talks, films, T.V. series and have uncovered how to tell a story that audiences relate with. I have formulated for you a 5 step checklist so that you can tell a compelling story that will help your customers understand why they need to engage with your brand. 

Don’t waste time writing content that does not convert. Don’t try and copy what every else is doing. That is not an effective way of creating a brand that connects with your fans. Download the checklist and start creating content that converts fans into customers today.


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