My Answer to ‘How To Make Money Online’

I’ve asked people, “What would you most like to learn about Content Marketing?” The top answer is always, “How do I make money online. Bess, show us ways to make money online.”

There are two reasons I don’t go into training on this topic. One reason is, beyond selling clothes online, selling eyelashes, (a venture I recently began) and my web design and content marketing agency, I feel I don’t have adequate experience in the multiple ways of making money online. And you need that insight if you’re going to deliver training on a topic like making money online.

If you ask me, “How do I start my own content marketing agency?” I’ll probably be more open to the idea of talking about it.

It's Easy to Learn About

But honestly, I always think the answer boils down to this – pick a product or service you’re passionate about and start selling it. Build a website. Create a blog. Produce related content. Grow your audience. Turn them into customers. Rudimentary, I know. The points could be fleshed out considerably. But this is it.

If you’re on a budget and can’t pay a web designer, Gary Vaynerchuk will teach you how to sell unused items from your loft on eBay.

Heck, I have a free download on this site to help you create a website using WordPress, the popular content management system. A lot of people use WordPress to build their first website.

If All Else Fails, Google It!

Search for ‘make money online’, and Google is more than happy to return links to people who have answered the ‘how to make money online’ question. When I’m asked to share insight into making money online, that’s what I do. I Google it.

‘Googling it’ always leaves me with the same impression. The answer is already out there. There’s no magic to it. No one is hiding a secret.

The Answer: Start Now

What I really think is holding people back from making money online is starting. Stop thinking about it. Find out all you can with the mindset to start now. And then start now.

Get Training

Advanced Storytelling

Become a Brand With Influence – Advanced Storytelling Strategies

How would you like to become a brand with influence and build a loyal online community using advanced storytelling strategies?

Leading Digital Content Marketing expert, Bess Obarotimi will be sharing years of research and years of industry experience into what stories you can use to inspire fans and sell highly sought after products.

Discover how to craft compelling stories through the content you share and distribute on social media. Whether it’s through podcasts, YouTube videos, Instagram photography or even your business talks and seminars, find out the advanced stories you need to tell to become a brand with influence.

Discover the dynamic techniques that will enable your business to be an undisputed leader amongst audiences, build brand loyalty and easily influence profitable customer action.

As an active brand storytelling evangelist, Bess facilitates workshops and mentoring in London and Kent that are helping leading brands stay ahead in the game.


  • Advanced storytelling incorporating masterful ideas that will strengthen your brand presence.
  • How to influence your customer’s behaviour with storytelling techniques used by premium brands
  • How to position your company as the preferred brand by customers in your market niche
  • Techniques for strengthening customer loyalty
  • The use of psychology in creating content for online audiences

If you would like an invoice for this seminar, please email


Storytelling Strategy for a Product Launch

Storytelling Strategy for a Product Launch

Not just another content marketing strategy course. Examine how to create a buzz around your new product launch, uncover the psychology of your customers and create a  results-driven customer sales journey over a defined period.

Structure and enhance your content marketing campaigns each time you have a new release to the marketplace for increased customer attention and sales conversions.

Uncover more than just goal and objective setting. Discover how to implement a revolutionary new way to attract customers and influence profitable action.

Venue: WEBINAR or Pill Box 115 Coventry Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 6GG

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WordPress Training for Beginners

WordPress Training for Beginners

Unlock your dreams and build your website in a day. We want you to win in developing your online business or blog and that’s why in this class, not only do we show you how to create a modern and dynamic WordPress site, we are going to be sharing years of expertise and insight to creating a website that is fast, secure and outperforms the competition.

In this easy to follow, hands-on one day class in addition to developing the skills to install, design and manage a WordPress site we’re going to give you insider strategies to creating content that grabs customer attention and builds you a profitable business.  Get your website up and running with our WordPress expert, Bess Obarotimi.

What to expect:

  • How to easily install Wordpress on your laptop in 5 mins
  • How to choose a stylish design that best suits you and your customer’s needs
  • Basic insider strategies for creating compelling content
  • Basic SEO strategies to get your content ranking higher in search engines
  • Introduction to the must-have WordPress plugins that will boost your website’s performance
  • Techniques THAT WORK to promote your content on social media SUCCESSFULLY

Venue: WEBINAR or Pill Box 115 Coventry Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 6GG

If you need an invoice for this event, please email

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Online is the new frontier for sales especially here in Africa. I advice businesses to get a Google listing and learn SEO. Most sales made online depend heavily on reviews and showing up on Page 1 of Google search results. Have a blessed morning

Thanks for sharing Lawson. Interesting to know how business works online in Nigeria. I would like to see more brands doing big things on social media. That would up the game massively!

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