Become a Brand With Influence – Advanced Storytelling Strategies

Become a brand with influence using advanced storytelling strategies.

Leading Digital Content Marketing expert, Bess Obarotimi will be sharing years of research and years of industry experience into what stories you can use to inspire fans and sell highly sought after products.

Discover how to craft compelling stories through the content you share and distribute on social media. Whether it’s through podcasts, YouTube videos, Instagram photography or even your business talks and seminars, find out the advanced stories you need to tell to become a brand with influence.

Discover the dynamic techniques that will enable your business to be an undisputed leader amongst audiences, build brand loyalty and easily influence profitable customer action.

As an active brand storytelling evangelist, Bess facilitates workshops and mentoring in London and Kent that are helping leading brands stay ahead in the game.


  • Advanced storytelling incorporating masterful ideas that will strengthen your brand presence.
  • How to influence your customer’s behaviour with storytelling techniques used by premium brands
  • How to position your company as the preferred brand by customers in your market niche
  • Techniques for strengthening customer loyalty
  • The use of psychology in creating content for online audiences

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This seminar is for CEO’s, Founders, Marketing Executives and just about anybody who wants to inspire tribes with their content. You will even be able to use the information in this webinar to give great business talks. Develop advanced storytelling techniques that will make your content impossible to ignore and captivate audiences. While other brands are creating content that focuses on getting likes, you will focus on building a community of loyal customers. Discover how to become a brand whose content influences the marketplace.



23rd January 2019 WEBINAR 7 PM – 8:30 PM GMT

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