A Simple Content Marketing Framework

When your content marketing strategy isn’t yielding the results you expect, working harder, most times, isn’t the best solution. Strip your strategy back to bare bones and follow a simple Content Marketing framework.

Let’s not make content marketing more complicated than it is. Our primary focus should be on consistency and value. Analyse what’s working and run with that.

What is your company narrative?

The advice to tell your story has been flogged. So I kind of feel like a broken record typing that former sentence.  Notwithstanding, let’s not joke with this strategy. Telling stories is what marketing is about. Every company has stories. Your stories are not a tool to sell your product but rather a way to share common fears, hopes, challenges and successes of your business to the consumer. They’re relatable. They build connections. They help consumers remember you.

Virgin Media’s #BeTheFastest campaign adopts Usain Bolt’s record breaking story of speed to align with the company’s core value of providing faster broadband. The advertisement talks about being the fastest without ever mentioning the product. The advert accentuates what the company stands for.

People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.

Seth Godin

What’s important to your business?

By focusing on what matters to the business, the thing you stand for,  it becomes clear to your customers. Focus on one value at a time and strengthen it.

The core message of every post on  Starbucks’ Facebook page is the love of coffee. Lovers of coffee get that message quickly and so engagement with the content is effortless.

Don’t make consumers have to guess what it is you are about; not what you’re selling but what you are about. Send simple brand messages in your content. Let consumers get it quickly and easily.

A simple content marketing framework

Are you using great visuals?

It can’t be stressed how much consumers love visual social media content. This is where you will get high engagement in comparison to text based content. There is a place for text based when sparking discussion, but add great visuals and you can cut throught the social media noise easier.

Next Steps:

Identify the core message of your business and ensure the content you produce communicates this in a simple, easy to grasp fashion. Utilise storytelling to emphasise brand messages. Make these message compelling through the use of videos and photos.

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