The Easy Way to Build SEO on your Website


SEO has got to be one of the biggest concerns of my web design customers. SEO or search engine optimisation is what gets your website found through search engines like Google, Firefox yahoo etc. And, I think if you’ve it got in mind, go ahead a hire an SEO Specialist.

Certainly, we make sure all the websites Synatel develops are SEO Optimised. Likewise, on our WordPress training courses, we share insight into enhancing SEO through your content because it’s a huge subject. Undeniably, if you can get your SEO right, finding your website is going to be made so much easier for potential clients. Given these points, having your website is never enough. Good SEO is what gets you found noticed.

But today I will say to you what I say to all my clients who are concerned with building the SEO and the ranking of their website. Create great content. That’s all you need. Creating and distributing great content is a proven and easy way to build SEO on your website

If you don’t know SEO, figure out what words or phrases you want to be known for. In fact, at Synatel, one of our phrases is ‘content for brands’ because this is the information our potential customers are seeking out. With that in mind, you really want to use terms that web users are searching for. Google trends is a great website that will help you to figure that out.


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Creating Great Content is an Easy Way to Build SEO on your Website

You want to create as much content on your website and social media using your chosen search terms.  Be sure to make sure that a considerable amount of the social media content you create leads back to your website. This will be beneficial in enhancing the integrity of your site and contributing to increasing your websites search engine ranking. Significantly, the more content on social media that points back to your website and that is relevant to people the  higher up the list of search engine results your website will be.

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Create SEO Rich Content

One activity you must engage in is to plan for creating SEO rich content. Planning allows you and your teams to say, “Ok. These are the search terms and the keywords that we have included in our content marketing goals, and this is the schedule for content that we’ll create over this set period, and this is how we are going to use those keywords within our content.

Undoubtedly, planning in this way will get more eyes on your content. If you’re creating valuable content daily and you’re using the search terms and keywords, and there is a continuous increase in your website visitors, eventually your website gets better ranked.

You want to get potential customers to your website, interested in your content and finding compelling reasons to buy what it is your selling. So take this advice I’m giving and put it into practice. Put in the work, create great content as an easy way to build SEO on your website

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