Use Facebook Live to dominate newsfeeds for business growth

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It’s clear Facebook intend to reign when it comes to social media with the launch of Facebook live.  They have quickly adapted to the marketplace and seen that the use of live video to engage with followers is hot.

Facebook tried to buy periscope and when that failed they decided to play them at their own game, and everything signifies Facebook plan on sinking them too and every other live streaming app e.g. Snapchat!

Facebook live has been available for verified accounts since August 2015. Since December it’s been available to everyone. Although currently only accessible by a few iPhone users. Even if you are unable to use it, it’s worthwhile knowing about it and planning how to take full advantage to leverage your social media marketing efforts and develop a strong brand, gain loyal customers and increases your sales.

Read on and discover how to use Facebook live to dominate news feeds and grow your business

Gain confidence
The beauty for very visual brands is that you can use Facebook live to capture moments in your craft. Let’s say you’re a nail technician, or a cake baker, or a chef. You can introduce your followers to an on the spot, live video recording of your craft. Yes, they can see you doing what you love best, as you do it.

Due to the very informal nature of the platform, Facebook live allows brands to be authentic. Consumers love to see the real side of brand and this can create high levels of trust. It’s proven that customers buy from brands they trust.

Boost engagement
There’s no surprises that Facebook will give live video prioritised reach in newsfeeds. Your followers are more likely to see your video appear in their stream when logged in, live, whilst your recording. You’ll see your participants join as they begin watching the video.  As viewers join the discussion, you can welcome them, engage with them, give them personal shout outs, ask and answer questions. They can also leave comments. Your engagement goes through the roof.

Increase visibility
You have to be regular with your Facebook videos. The more you do, the better. Once you have finished recording and the video finishes uploading it stays on your timeline. Facebook will put your videos in a playlist so as your followers finish viewing one video, they’ll be presented with another, and another until they close the playlist. So you’ll be seen more and stay in your potential customer’s mind longer.

Create connections
The key to success with Facebook live is to be more focused on helping followers with your videos rather than getting immediate sales. So live video strategies you use, may include news commentary, webinars and Q & A sessions. Every now and then you may decide to give your followers a peak behind the scenes, an insight into your real life, but your focus should be to add value through your business.

Do not let your customer feel like your main purpose is to ask them to buy. This is likely to result in an immediate turn off.

Create connections with your audience. Let them get to know you and realise your business is there to help them.


The great thing about Facebook videos, although they may not be as polished as a planned video, is you can upload them to your blog or YouTube channel.  So you’ll have content for your followers on other platforms. You won’t have to recreate everything.

To sum up
Live feed videos are fantastic for showcasing your business, in real life, to potential customers and growing your following. Keep people interested with useful information from your business to improve their lives. Be consistent with it also. You must use every social media tool available, as appropriate, to develop a strong brand. Facebook Live is no exception.

Brands aren’t built over night. Learn from whatever does not work and don’t give up. Don’t be a business that sells a product. Be a brand that inspires.

If you have used Facebook live before, let me know in the comments how it went. Do you think it has any shortcomings? How would you like to see it used and evolve?

Please leave your comments. I look forward to reading them.

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