How to use Post Planner to share engaging content

How to use Post Planner share engaging content

Social media marketeers are always looking for great viral content to share across their social media networks. They want quality traffic, high engagement and brand awareness but there’s not always the time to do find and generate the kind of content that brings these results. Today we discuss using Post Planner to share engaging content with your social networks and build your business with social media content marketing.

Saves Time

Unless you have a dedicated social media team with graphic artists, blog writers, content writers, photographers and the like, you’ll be like many small businesses –  largely running the business yourself and marketing the business yourself. You’ll find yourself with little time to review the vast number of social media networks and online resources to find good viral content or get ideas for your own content. This is where a great app like Post Planner comes in.

Makes Finding Content Easier

Post planner will give you access to great content that is already popular and being shared across the net. The content you’ll find ranges from highly trending business content,  social media articles to fitness and family related content.

If you’re stuck for original status updates,  you’ll get good variety of ideas including questions to ask your followers,  promotional style posts and motivational quotes.  You’ll find quotes that have incredible engagement on them already, so you’ll see it’s good content and you’ll get to pick and choose from a great bunch. You won’t have to think hard about what to post and your engagement will increase significantly.

What I love about Post Planner is it gives you the option to schedule your posts across your social networks including Facebook ,Twitter and Instagram.  So you’re saving time posting content throughout the day as well as time looking for the content. Start sharing highly engaging content with your followers,  they’ll share and like it with their connections and you’ll get your brand in front of more people. You’ll also find your followers count will increase.

I would definitely recommend you use Post Planner if you have little time finding good content for your page or you have low engagement.  With Post Planner you get a free 14 day trial and it’s very affordable after that.  I’m sure you can start building a strong brand now. So here is the sign up link. Start sharing fantastic viral content today.

Thanks for reading my blog. I’d love to hear your thoughts on using Post Planner. Please leave your comment below.

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Love the overview! We do make finding and sharing engaging content easy and effective!

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