Do you realise content marketing is the best way for your SME to grow?

Marketing encompasses a number of segments, including content, word of mouth, email and digital. As trends shift and consumers spend a significant amount of time consuming content, this form of marketing should be least overlooked. Not engaging in or effectively utilising content marketing will limit the potential of your brand.

The Value of Content Marketing

Studies have shown that if you want to develop communities of engaged customers who are loyal to your company and look forward to engaging with your content, content marketing is the best way to achieve this. Leading brands like P&G, Google, IBM, GE and Air BnB are all credited for expanding reach and business growth through the use of content marketing.

83% of UK marketers attribute the creation of high quality content to their success (Content Marketing Institute).

Content is the emotional and informational bridge between commerce and consumer.

Jay Baer, President & Social Media and Content Marketing Strategist, Convince & Convert

Content Marketing is more effective than advertising

Advertisements work. We advocate their use to our clients to create product awareness and enhance brand image. But content marketing goes further. Content is what consumers search the Internet for. By giving customers what they want, you show you care and give consumers the opportunity to develop a vested interest in your brand.

Content Marketing is the best way to turn fans into consumers, and it cost less than advertising.

There’s always a cost with advertising, whether that’s on tv, radio, newspaper or through another platform. You are usually expected to pay a third party to advertise to their audiences. When your organisation is in control of distributing native content, it will cost less.

Guideline to Success: Use Your Content Strategy to Strengthen Your Brand Message

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Consumers are less impressed by ads these days

With the ‘hide ad’ or ‘skip’ buttons at the quick dispense of the consumer, do not be mistaken, they will be used if your adverts interrupt content consumption. Content is usually requested for. Ads are not.

Consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand who’s content they regularly interact with

It’s critical that your organisation creates interactive content. Content that creates conversation; that bonds your brand and the consumer together as well as consumer to consumer.

Get people engaging with your content and, engaging with each other over your content and you’ll have winning content performance.

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If you don’t have anything interesting to say as a brand, you’re just a product.

Spencer Baim, Chief Strategic Officer, Vice Media

Conversion rates are six times higher with content marketing than with any other method

If you haven’t got content, all you’ve got is your product and no means of creating a brand.

Since time began, we’ve used content to entertain, inform, and instruct. It’s always been used to build interested communities.

Brands are more than products. They have fans who feel included in the story of that brand. They experience a connection to the brand. They’re happy through the good times, and they stick through the bad times. Content achieves this brand intention.

Content is even more important nowadays because it drives the engines of the most used tool in the world, the internet.

Content builds the SEO ranking of your site

Content creators must be concerned with SEO. SEO activities are what builds your website. You develop your SEO through content. It’s the only way.

With SEO optimised content you can influence traffic back to your website. Consumers need to be visiting your site regularly so you can convert them into loyal customers.

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