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Previously I’ve spoken about telling one brand message, so your customers are clear about who you are and how your brand fits into their lives.

Content shared on social media is vast. People can scroll content the length of the Effiel tower daily, fact. And, so much of what users see is forgotten. If you look at the majority of content posted, you’ll find most brands do not have a clear message. Without a clear message, it becomes challenging to strike a strong connection with people and their lives, their experiences and the issues they face.

Most content shared is just noise; noise that goes out in the form of content daily. What that means is, since there is so much noise, businesses have to be strategic to cut through it. With a single message, it’s easier to remember what your brand stands for. That’s where having a brand story helps significantly.

Significantly too many companies do not know how to tell a good story with their content. What happens is they get the likes but not the sales, and they don’t understand why. You can’t just create content like you’re marking a register. As if to say, “Yes I’m still here.” What businesses should do is create content that adds to their brand story.

Stories are essential to creating content that has a clear brand message.

Create great stories. Grab Attention. Influence Action.
Bess Obarotimi

Stories grab attention

I create content for companies from different industries, but the method to tell a clear brand story message is fundamentally the same.

I’ve taken the time to research some of the best TEDx talks and even our favourite fairytale stories would you believe, to discover what makes up a good story.

Whilst doing my research I noticed that the same methods are used in the TV series we binge on, the blockbuster movies we watch and by our favourites brands to get our attention. Attention is a commodity.

In a sea of noise, attention is scarce. Stories grab attention.

With the research and studying of I’ve conducted on books, movies and TEDx talks, I’ve developed a 5-step framework talks. The framework is based on the storytelling structures I’ve seen unfold in in our movies, TEDX talks and so on. Using the framework, brands can develop a compelling message to captivate audiences and influence them into taking action.

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Advanced Storytelling

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Discover the dynamic techniques that will enable your business to be an undisputed leader amongst audiences, build brand loyalty and easily influence profitable customer action.

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Create stories where your customer is the hero

The brands we know and love tell stories. Stories have been the basis of human connection since caveman times. Indigenous people of Africa, for centuries, told stories for thousands of years before books were readily available. We use stories to inform us on how to live better lives. History books are full of stories that inform modern society all the time. We improve our lives based on the stories we’ve heard, and we make new stories, and we tell those new stories. Stories are captivating, memorable and easily understood.

Content creators who don’t tell a good story through the content they share only add to the noise. You will lose your customers if they lack a solid understanding of what it is you do or how you can impact their lives positively. If you do not stick to a clear brand story message audiences will move to another brand. They will spend money with a brand who gets they understand.

It’s not enough to tell your audiences what your business does and how wonderful your business is. People do not see this kind of information as relevant. They are too busy to stop, listen and care about the stories you tell about your company. Attention is scarce. There’s so much content on social media that vyes for audience attention. So much of that content is quickly forgotten. But the content that sticks out are the stories. Stories aren’t so easily forgotten, and in fact, they get retold.

As long as you tell a good story where the customer is the hero you make an emotional connection. Your customer must be the hero, not your personal brand story. When your customer is the hero, your story comes alive. When the customer is the hero, they care!


Write Great Content

Use the brand story framework to create clear story messages that influence audiences to take action.

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So, you’ve got to develop stories where your audience is the hero. You can follow the story framework in my free download to help you be clear in your message. Click the link above.

Each time you write content, it needs to fit into the context of your brand story. Otherwise, there’s a disconnect and no sales. If you only talk about your product customers may know what you’re selling, but they don’t connect to you emotionally.

Learn how to create content that follows the structure of the framework so that you can connect emotionally with customers and get that to take a specific action. You’ll find it easier to influence your customers into taking a buying action with this specially formulated framework.  It is so important that you get this if you want to build a profitable business. With social media where you are without a shop front, and you’re relying on your content to do the selling, it makes it even more necessary that you get your storytelling technique right.

It the midst of an Effiel tower of noisy content you must be seen, understood and then preferred. Knowing how to tell a good story is what will get you that outcome. The better you get at telling stories, the better you get at connecting with audiences and selling products.

How one word will get your brand noticed.

Knowing this will make a huge difference to the success of your brand and delivery of your content.


Use the Brand Story Framework

I created the checklist to get you started and familiar with the framework of storytelling.

On our training we go into depth taking a look at the psychology, language; trigger points and story development that you can use in your content. The same strategies can be used in your photography, blogs, videos, documentary any content you like that is going to contribute to telling your brand story message. And with the techniques I share you’ll learn how to get creative.

That’s the beauty of storytelling. Knowing how to do it so well that audiences don’t even realise that the content you’re sharing is part of a brand message.

A lot of the businesses we’ve worked with use stories to become humanised. As a brand sometimes you’re just an external entity to customers. But once companies understand how to build brand stories through the content they create they can start fitting into people’s lives and becoming relevant, meaningful and needed.

Brands use stories to tell customers how they are necessary in a way that is easily understood, remembered and enjoyed.

Product features aren’t fun. Brands who tell stories are.

When your customer speaks about your brand, they should be able to say how you make their life successful. They should be able to talk with ease about the problem your brand solves and what will happen to their lives with or without your brand.

Customers who are clear about your brands offering and its necessity, will buy from you.

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