What the best socially engaged companies are teaching us about social media

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Companies need to be generating a huge amount of content these days. How well they involve their employees in generating and being a part of the content will determine their success.

To show just how true this was, LinkedIn produced an infographic revealing What We Can Learn From the Top 25 Most Socially Engaged Companies on LinkedIn [INFOGRAPHIC]

Socially Engaged companies are making impact with their content and we reveal it’s the employess that do that.

Employees produce and create content

One of the most important ways, companies can create content that is engaging and exciting, is to let it come from the employees. Let the content be relative, sociable and real.

When content is coming from employees, it resonates with those at the very heart of the company. There is already a strong connection between the content, the company and those creating it. The connections are authentic and easily relatable to those outside the company, the consumers. Companies must encourage employees in all departments to share relative news that is entertaining,  informative and involves them.

The most socially engaged companies are producing content which have been experienced by people at the heart of the company.  The content includes and is about the emploeyees. It means something to them and consumers relate with them.

Get employees on board. Motivate and inspire them to share stories within the company on social media. Do that and you’ll be on your way to doing social media the right way.

Employees are on Social Media

The top Social Media companies know the first set of people who need to be encouraged to engage with its content is its employees. Your company can’t excel at social media if your employees aren’t on social media with it.

People within the company need to have their own social media profiles, sharing content and engaging with company content. Social Media engagement now becomes a part of the work life for all.

The shares, likes and comments received from employees are vital to encouraging those outside the company, the consumers, to start engaging also. When consumers see there is engagement on content, they too want to engage. Consumers like to engage with companies that are already getting engagement.

Relationships are built

The number one job of social media is to build relationships.   When your company begins developing it’s social media presence, it does so by building relationships.

Employees share the relationships within the company through social media and they also build relationships with consumers.

Part of relationship building through social media is responding to comments made by consumers, liking their content and understanding the issues that are important to them.

The best social media companies are interested in begin building relationships through social media, starting first with employees and then with consumers.

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