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You may lay up at night, trying to figure out the best content to share with your audiences. Your aim, quite likely will be to deliver valuable content. You will want to share what you know and help your intended audience. Whether you want to bring laughter to their lives, or knowledge and inspiration.

What you may find is that delivering valuable content is usually extended to relevance. What I mean by relevance is, it’s quite common for content creators to be taught to discover content ideas by checking the trends of particular keywords. It’s based on the premise that you create content that your target market is actively seeking for. In effect it means you will be fulfiling a content need. It also means your content is more likely to get found because it’s relevant content – it’s what content consumers want. And in turn, that’s what you want right — brand exposure. You want the content you create to be found and liked easily. But I have a little bit of a problem with that.

I think content creation done this way is boring. Hear me out! Writing SEO perfect titles and excellent SEO, and popular content to get to the top of YouTube search or whatever search engine means that you are creating to please. You may argue that creating to please isn’t a bad thing, and to some extent, I agree. It’s best that you delivered what the customer wants.


But what if, you have ideas worth sharing that nobody is searching for? What if your consumer doesn’t know what’s best? What if the content you have is potentially life-changing, but it won’t get you found easily. Isn’t it worth taking the risk of creating some new regardless of how well it ranks on Google so that you build brand identity?

Because surely being a brand is about those unique aspects you possess that no other brand can touch. And surely within the context of context marketing, letting audiences know about these values can only be done by spreading ideas in a way that we haven’t seen before.


I honestly believe the brands who are going to have staying power are the ones prepared to create something new; brands not afraid to say something different, and impact lives uniquely.

Brands don’t follow trends they create them. Strong brands go beyond following trends they use Content Marketing to do good in the world. Do you agree with what I’m saying? Tell me in the comments.

I believe not taking that risk to create something different is the reason we see the same content, the same ideas, rehashed day in and day out. What do you think? Have you noticed that we see the same content over and over? Have you ever wanted to see more content on different ideas but found it hard.


I think in times where attention is a high priced and scarce commodity the only way brands can differentiate themselves from the rest and appeal to the masses is not to be led by trends but to lead communities by creating and distributing content to do good in the world.

In this way, brands use trends secondarily to make their message tenable to their audience. So you begin with this unique message for your intended audience, and you use content trends to frame it.

If companies can go beyond getting more likes or hitting the top of lists, I think they have a better chance of attracting a set of customers that find in those companies something that they cannot find elsewhere, and for this reason, they remain loyal to us.

And only when a company can be generous in their content and unique do they have a chance of building an iconic brand. Think of that word iconic. Be an Icon -Like the statue of liberty or the Eiffel tower or Harrods.

Being iconic means you stand out for the uniques experiences that your brand offers, that is not replicated and has customers seeking you out. The word spreads that your brand is like no other.

How about we take the risk and share content that no one else does that truly brings good into the world; good that sometimes customers did not even know they were looking for.


I’m sidetracking slightly, but I did a video on Why I took elocution lessons, here. It is a top performing video on YouTube. There are a few things that strike me about that video.

On the one hand, I recognise it has nothing to do with my regular content, but at the same time, I know why it does well. I wrote a piece of content that shies away from the norm. However, this content resonates with a lot of people.

I unintentionally increased brand awareness by not creating content that was popular or to get likes but to tell my story. Not everyone is talking about their experience with elocution.

Every brand has a story that no one else has. That story must be used within your content. Use your content marketing to do good in the world and attract an audience that would have been otherwise hard to reach when your brand tries to be like everyone else.

Do not be afraid to share those stories that no one else is sharing.

In the comment section, let me know you feel about telling your unique brand story. And, If you would like more insight into building your story brand, and how to discover the types brands stories that you must tell, book a consultation session with me today. And we’ll discuss how to use your to build a powerful brand image with more fans and more profitability.

Until next time take fantastic care of yourself.

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